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Company Profile

About KCC

KCC Consulting Group is a management consulting company with management techniques at the heart of its core competitiveness. The core management team consists of management experts from the world's leading consulting agencies and individuals with comprehensive background from the Renmin University of China, Peking University and other top universities. In the past 20 years, hundreds of China top 500 enterprises have achieved tremendous success in development with the assistance of KCC - one of the best Management consulting firms specialize in implementation of China's Top enterprises. It is also one of the fastest growing professional consulting organizations that has the most original management techniques..
KCC focuses on updating mature management method used in the world top 500 corporations in US and Japan. Through continuous research, exploration, practice and analysis, KCC has created more classical management theories and practice cases that are suited for China's local enterprises. KCC consults with a deep understanding of customer's needs. Based on the designated management solution, the company provides advanced information management tools for our customers to survive in the emerging high-tech era. Also KCC can assure the customers to get valuable consulting information and a fundamental solution to the problem, as well as achieve a sustainable competitive advantage under the global environment.
KCC has operation centers and offices in Beijing、Shanghai、Guangzhou and several other cities in China. We also have strategic partners from Taipei, Kobe, Frankfurt, and Dallas. KCC provides management consulting services including Enterprise strategy & plan implementation, Policy making, Human Resources management, Enterprise culture management, Financial control, and etc. Capital services include corporate finance, fund direct investment, mergers and acquisitions as well as advisory in the business enterprise growth expansion field. Through the company's professional services and positive attitude, KCC has won customer recognition over the past 20 years. At the same time, the firm has also grown with customers to meet the challenges of the future together..