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Service Introduction
Driven by advanced international management experiences and the deep understanding of the commercial environment in China, KCC keeps innovation in strategy management and has formed seven series of solutions for corporate strategy management. Our innovative products, such as strategic game theory driven by scenario planning and strategy operation implementation system ensured by information system, have achieved the recognition of international and domestic clients.
Strategy consulting helps you win the strategic game by scenario planning and ensure the strategic operation with information system.
How can we help?
If your business already has a solid foundation, but you are eagerly pursuing the high growing speed and the top performance of the industry;
If your business is currently under fierce competition and the growth of business is weakened by competitors, and you are greatly in the need of improvements in game ability;
If your business has reached the limit within the current situation, and you need a new direction and growth curve for further development;
Or your business has a clear development direction, but you need to put the big plan down for the detailed operation…

    S1: foundation solution of Strategy determination

  • This solution can help clients create long-term objectives, operation strategy and functions strategy. Finally it can form strategy report and detailed strategy implementation scheme. 
     By using S1, clients are able to realize the strategy target and the overall basic strategy planning clearly. As a foundational solution of corporate strategy planning management, S1 can help clients make comprehensive and formal strategy plans.
  • DSS: Dynamic strategy solution
  • This solution is aimed to help clients build up the closed cycle of strategy determination formulation, strategy break-down, implementation control, feedback and corrective action.
     DSS closely connects with corporate management system, such as corporate budget management, performance assessment, and financial analysis. Meanwhile, this solution is suitable to the whole process, which provides not only strategy plan, but also a whole set of strategy management methods.
  • Scenario 8: 8-steps Scenario planning
  • Scenario 8 helps clients think through the impacts of changes of environment to make the plan more resistant to risks. Especially in corporate business products planning, competitive business planning, Scenario 8 has shown its advantages in helping clients to quickly react to fast changes of uncertain environment.
  • SSP: Solution of scenario planning
  • SSP systematically solve the integration of strategy, planning, budget plan, investment evaluation, and implementation process. SSP can help those large corporations with strategy planning foundation to realize the upgrade of 3 to 5 year plan management, and build up world's advanced strategic plan management system.
  • P10: Strategy plan of ten-steps solution
  • P10 combines the methods of making business strategy and group strategy to make the corporate strategy management upgraded to be systematic. It also unites competition strategy and corporate business grouping strategy which helps large corporations manage the competition planning of multiple business units and entire planning of the enterprise.
  • IVS: Investment evaluation solution
  • IVS exclusively creates a set of scenario wind tunnel testing method which thoroughly improves the traditional investment evaluation method. By considering the long-term impact of environment, IVS makes the growth plan of the corporate integration with investment management, which solves problems for business and investment. It helps corporations scientifically evaluate and research capital expenditures, effectively prevent investment risks, and accurately estimate the long-term profit.
  • NPC-PASS:Enterprise business model optimization solution
  • NPC-PASS is more than a theory frame; it is a practical operation analysis system, which can be successfully applied in the business model design and optimization. It helps corporations find new strategy and operation method to enlarge profit and control cost. The enterprise values can be enhanced faster.