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KCC Management Applications

KCC Consulting Group is based on the company's advanced management concepts and outstanding technical strength, in order to develop a series of management technology products to meet our customers' demand in every aspect of the management technology. 

  • CK4 Talent development by information technology - corporate knowledge and talent development system

  •  By KCC consulting CK4 system, companies will not only solve the technical and functional management personnel selection; training, competency assessment, learning and examinations closed-loop management as well as talent development will all be included. In addition, a high degree of applicability can be established to the enterprise knowledge management system.

  • DSPS strategic management of information technology - strategic planning and corporate benchmarking system

  • Strategic planning is an insight into the thinking and decision-making of the enterprises in order to improve knowledge. KCC strategic planning and business consulting benchmarking system, fully integrated by strategic analysis, scenario planning, investment evaluation, various functions of the program budget, and big corporate strategy, will systematically improve management level.

  • ARIS system processes information - Enterprise system integration platform

  •  ARIS system is to decentralized management of the enterprise and it was originally in charge of the implementation. The goal is to monitor systems and processes in a unified system platform and implemented effectively.

  • Training system

  • Relying on Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Renmin University of China, as well as the three major domestic resources of senior professors from top universities, the company's strong consulting capabilities, with nearly 100 senior company management consulting division of practical experience, pays close attention to the customer training needs. The designed training + Consulting + Management improved integration programs will effectively improve the training effect, which will allow customers to experience a familiar industry environment.This will develop management wisdom, management thinking, and improve management skills. The company's "BEST sand table simulation" will act as the core to develop "Chinese traditional culture and modern management," a series of mature curriculum which will lead to the formation of "1 +5" type of overall curriculum system.