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KCC Management Toolkits

    Many advanced technology tools are notified to become China's chief management technology consulting companies' cornerstone. This process will be done by provide quality services to our customers as a safeguard, and it will also act as our core competitiveness of the main sources.

  • Competitive intelligence investigation techniques

  • Corporate business development industry has to adapt the external environment and the changes of the competitive environment. Operational decisions on the external information are derived from research and understanding. Massive, fragmented, skeptical information will flood the network, industry reports, trade exchanges, and other information channels. How to meet business decisions and how to obtain valuable intelligence as well as competitive intelligence analysis are the fundamental problems to be solved. 
    KCC Consulting studies military intelligence management methods and the information outside the enterprise effectively in order to apply in research areas. This will form a systematic analysis of competitive intelligence system, and it has been successful in a number of medium-sized enterprises.

    The system includes intelligence planning, intelligence gathering, information processing, intelligence analysis, information transfer and sharing of five parts. This will form a complete competitive intelligence management system. The system can be integrated into complete external segment information intelligence. This will comb the surface point information and dig through the surface by reaching the intrinsic intelligence. Through non-targeted information mining seemingly useless information will become valuable.
    Features of KCC consulting Competitive Intelligence Analysis System:
    1.Understanding the Enemy - make operating decisions based on information.
    2.Really understand the enemy - to make business decisions based on the correct information.
    3.Understanding the Dynamics of the enemy - make business decisions based on timely information updated dynamically synchronized with the changes in the external environment.

  • Benchmarking research and analysis techniques

  •  Benchmarking study is the improvement of enterprise through study, research, and learning from the industries' best enterprise's successful management experience. Many companies usethe standard research which is the "right" research, but there is no "standard" effect. This ispartly because it is a brief understanding of the surface, companies simply cannot learn from this. On the other hand, this is quite different from the company's actual situation and management requirements.
    KCC consultation on the standard hierarchical classification analysis methods can be combined with corporate governance requirements of the standard form targeted in-depth research. This will improve enterprise management by providing direct reference.

  • Data mining techniques

  •  As the degree of automation of various business enterprises gradually deepened, commercial areas generated a lot of business data. These data come from internal or external markets imply a lot of valuable information that the enterprise management level can use to create a competitive advantage in the formation of new space.
    KCC consulting uses its own years of experience in business sentiment and the formation of advanced data processing and analysis capabilities to help customers from a large, incomplete, vague, and random data. The extraction of these data contains valuable information for our customers' business decisions by providing a valuable reference to help customers identify themselves in the management problems. It will also analyze and forecast internal and external crises as well as improve customer management with the possibility of improving customer relationships.

    KCC consulting data digging ability will help customers more than their past experiences. It also hopes that through rational analysis of statistical data, it will make accurate predictions of the future. Enable customers to get rid of the past simply by "racking their brains" will rely on the experience and making sense of the data analysis into their decision-making process.